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The Only One

Words and music by Michael McPherson

Published by Big Table Music

There's a shadow on her face and a cold place in his heart
As he sees her spirit slowly pass away.
He never thought he'd be the one who had to bear this load.
He suddenly starts feeling very old.

He prowls around the room staring at the Sunday paper.
Fighting off the gloom. Praying that this fate escapes her.
Knowing very soon he'll be the only one, the lonely one.

Features once familiar now drawn and ashen pale.
A body once so vibrant now so frail.
A surrealistic moment, an ironic twist of fate.
Images to which he can't relate.

All those years of planning thinking he would leave here first.
Of all the situations he'd ignored the very worst.
Never did he think he'd be the only one, the lonely one.

Memories of the past, like ghosts that haunt him every moment.
Spectres of a sweet nostalgic tear.
To walk with her beside the water, for one last time.
To feel her smiling face so warm and near.

A door is locked between them for which he has no key.
And now until his final heartbeat, finally sets him free,
He patiently awaits here - he's the only one, the lonely one.

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